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The cuisine of the Hotel Corallo has always been our strong point. A combination of tradition and innovationalways related to the products of our beautiful Abruzzo.

The Hotel Corallo does not prefer gourmet dishes, but prefers theAbruzzo's abundance and traditional cuisinemade of taste, flavor and lots and lots of love.

Here, food, as we say ... is a serious thing! The skilled hands of the Mrs Lucia, who with over fifty years of experience and a resume of restaurateur, manager and mother, create dishes of fish from our Adriatic Seaaccompanied by his legendary homemade pasta.

Its renowned frying fish, the rich and tasty side dishes of vegetables, not to mention the Sunday timbale!

What else but an encore?!

The good morning
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A lunch gets the day off on the right foot. That's why we pamper all our guests in the morning with a wide range of proposals homemade, the doughnut and fresh tarts that will say good morning to you every morning, accompanied by a rich buffet sweet and savoury to satisfy every kind of request.

I mean, we love to take you by the throat!

Children in table

We offer the possibility to have lunch and dinner for children half an hour before opening of the room to the public, so that mothers can enjoy their meal in peace. We also have for the little ones a Baby menu.

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