The beach

The Giulianova beach, is spacious and airy. Well equipped, excellent for a stroll, play and experience all the time under the umbrella, with all the space you could wish for.

Slopes gently to the sea, and for this reason it is particularly suitable for children. Parents, rest assured that the little ones can splash about in freedom, and also a few meters from the shore, right) for the characteristic seabed smooth and safe.

The sand is fine and golden and the water is clean, it is confirmed by the Blue flag assigned to our locations for well over ten years!

Our beach is framed by the beautiful promenade, the monumental, with wonderful palm trees that make it stand out that give the environment an atmosphere that will embrace you with a touch more pleasant and exotic.

The beach

Our hotel is located in a really privileged location: just 80 metres away from us, you will find bathing establishment in agreement with us, you are assured of always a beach umbrella and two deck chairs.

The factory agreement with us has also anarea equipped for children with lots of fun games and a bar for a coffee, drink or a cool ice cream always available.

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